AG CONTRACTORS CORP, established in 1998, is an organization dedicated to excellence in the restoration and waterproofing industry. AG Contractors is comprised of an experienced, knowledgeable staff and proficient restoration craftsmen. We maintain high working standards and take pride in their results which meet and exceed every client’s expectations.

Preservation, remedial repairs and maintenance of a building exterior systems are important priorities faced by all commercial and private building owners, managers and property committees. Our firm can help you properly evaluate your specific needs by providing you with a detailed perspective on the exterior condition of the structure, along with a thorough plan for effective repair that will prevent major structural failures.

At AG Contractors Corporation we take pride as proven specialists in repairing and preventing conditions that cause water damage. Through past experience, we have been able to anticipate and correct problems before they arise and with preventive maintenance practices, help our clients maintain a properly restored, watertight exterior.

The dedicated, quality performance of our skilled restoration crafstmen and the effective design, supervision and project management by our superior staff have made AG Contractors Corp a front runner in our industry. Traditional craftsmanship is combined with current preservation techniques to achieve the highest possible standard of quality.

In addition to on-the-job crafstmanship, AG Contractors Corp is also highly qualified in an advisory capacity in the design of restoration projects by working closely with Architects, Engineers and Building Owners. The expression of confidence in our people along with the ability to carryout a well-planned project in a skillful and efficient manner assures our clients of getting the best performance for thier investment.

AG Contractors Corporation is fully licensed, insured and bonded.